Community Benefit Report

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Community Benefit Report Fiscal Year 2014

pavilionSaving lives, restoring health and providing jobs are just the beginning of hospitals’ contributions to
their communities. Hospitals and their employees positively affect almost every aspect of community life. That is why the N.C. Hospital Association worked with hospitals to create a fair, standard and comparable Community Benefit Report. Catawba Valley Medical Center participated on the committee that created the definitions and has compiled the following report according to the defined guidelines. The reported amounts are based on actual costs rather than charges, which vary by hospital.

Community Benefits 2014

Estimated Costs of Treating Charity Care Patients $4,404,397
Estimated Unreimbursed Costs of Treating Medicaid and Medicare Patients $9,688,995
Estimated Unreimbursed Costs of Treating Patients from Other means tested Government Programs $398,548
Community Health Improvement Services & Community Benefit Operations $3,047,462
Cash and In-kind Contributions to Community Groups $2,272,932
Community Building Activities $192,719
Total Community Benefits with Settlements and Extraordinary Adjustments $32,709,458

Bad Debt Costs

Estimated Costs of Treating Patients with Bad Debt $12,485,213