Andra Williams, Statesville, NC

1317394787“I decided to get the surgery because I had a weight problem for most of my life and I had tried everything you can imagine to lose the weight. I eventually developed hypertension and diabetes. I did not want to die young. I wanted to raise my children and this was the best option for me. Bariatric surgery truly gave me my life back. I never used to feel well or do things with my kids. My weight was embarrassing and I stayed away from several social situations. Now, my life is the total opposite. I have always been an outgoing person, but now I feel like who I am on the outside truly matches who I am on the inside. I would definitely recommend the surgery to someone else. It is not for everyone. Issues with food are still there, and it is not an easy way out. It is a tool to help you get there. You have to have your eyes open, understand what the risks are, and be compliant. Otherwise, you can “cheat” your body and gain the weight back. This is a lifelong struggle, with or without surgery. It is amazing. Everyday I am amazed and so thankful. I can enjoy my family and my life.”
Andra Williams  
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