Catawba Medical Foundation

Our Mission

Building On Tradition

Catawba Valley Medical Center has a long and rich history of serving the people of Catawba County and the Catawba Valley. As an independent, county-owned medical center, CVMC is accountable to the community – those it serves, rather than external shareholders. Through responsible fiscal management and innovative practice methods, CVMC has operated for more than 45 years without receiving tax dollars. It has used its flexibility to invest in facilities and technologies to provide the most comfortable and up-to-date care and to provide preventative health programs and initiatives designed to improve the health of its community.

Catawba Medical Foundation serves as a liaison between the hospital and the community by promoting projects of mutual interest and benefit, and it raises funds through donations from businesses, foundations and individuals to accomplish this goal. CMF is responsible for raising philanthropic dollars to help ensure:

  • Funding to sustain critical, non-revenue supported outreach programs for our community
  • Capital to continue providing patients with the best technology and facilities
  • Attraction and retention of the best physicians and staff
  • Remaining a vital economic driver to our region

Caring For Your Future

Support is needed to ensure the Catawba Valley continues to have the quality and accessibility of health care it deserves and needs to remain an attractive and health place to live. Good health for all means a high quality of life and both personal and shared prosperity.