My Story: Larry Aiello’s Inspiring Rehab Mantra


“Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone” ….that’s the message printed on one of the t-shirts Conover resident Larry

Chuck Scronce: A Hero Who Works Here


Chuck Scronce juggles many roles. At home, he’s a husband, dad and chief grillmaster. At CVMC, he’s the administrator of

Neva Harrow’s Story: Finding Breast Cancer


For 20 years, Neva Harrow, 63 of Claremont, has been vigilant about getting a mammogram screening for breast cancer every

V-Go Device: Diabetes Game Changer


Diabetes is a major public health crisis. But no one needs to tell James Walker that. A lifelong Taylorsville resident,

Jose’ Silva: My Lifeline with AutoAlert


A Mexican native, Jose′ Silva, 84 was discovered alone in his living room, dehydrated, injured and barely conscious within minutes

Tom Brown’s Stroke Recovery Story


Little Victories Every Day “Stroke rehab [rehabilitation] starts when you’re still in the hospital”, says Tom Brown, 55, of Morganton.

Lynda Walter: My Hip Replacement Story


“Getting a new hip gave me my life back,” says Lynda Walter, 68, of Granite Falls, NC. “I would tell

CVMC Expert Takes Global Stage Improving Heart Failure Care


Hickory heart failure specialist, Sara Paul, DNP FNP, has been making rounds lately, both in her lab coat treating patients

I’m Blessed to be Here Today


Cancer Survivor Chase Gilleland’s Inspiring Story “I could see him talking, but I couldn’t really hear him,” said Chase Gilleland,

Hannah Beaver: My VBAC Birth Story


As a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) mom, Hannah Beaver’s story begins with her first daughter’s birth. Induced at 40

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