Chad Covey: HDR Therapy

Covey_Chad_01“I chose HDR therapy because I didn’t want prolonged external radiation. HDR therapy is much more focused. Because of my age, a whole range of choices was available to me. HDR therapy seemed a better choice than doing the most radical thing and having it taken out, because that would lead to the most after-effects. I still have some after-effects, but they are not what they might have been from other treatments.

“I was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam, so I filed a claim with the Veterans Administration because Agent Orange is recognized by them as a presumptive cause of prostate cancer. It took a while to get all the paperwork through, but they did approve the claim. I think it’s important for other veterans to know that this resource is available to them.

“The people at the Radiation Oncology Center were wonderful. The treatment I received there was great. We had a lot of confidence in our doctors and the staff. Whenever I go back to follow up, my nurse, Debbie, has been there, and she runs up to me and gives me a big hug. It’s really a very warm group of people.”

For more information about HDR therapy or CVMC’s Radiation Oncology center, call 828/326-3856.


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