Chesley Greer, Morganton


“I have struggled with my weight my whole life. Due to my weight, I developed problems with my feet and ankles and could not exercise. I knew that I could not lose the weight with dieting alone. My mom had the surgery about six months before I did and she did so well with her surgery that she inspired me to have it done. I am young and felt like I was losing a lot of my life. With the surgery, I lost 135 pounds. The surgery changed my life and I can do so many more things now. I love to exercise and I have tons of energy. My husband and I went to Disney World last year and I didn’t have to worry about fitting into one of the seats. I would not have been able to walk around Disney for four days just a year before. We had a great trip. I would definitely recommend this surgery to someone else. I feel great.”

Initial Weight 277


Chesley Greer

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