Eating Healthy and Shopping on a Budget

Woman writing in notepadWith rising prices and falling budgets, it’s challenging to bring home ingredients for balanced meals. But eating right doesn’t have to break the budget! Renee Greene, Wellness Dietitian at CVMC’s Health First Center says that eating healthy while saving money can be done in three easy steps: plan, purchase and prepare.

Step 1:  Plan- Decide on meals before you shop. Plan meals for the week using local grocery ads. Include fresh produce, lean proteins, whole grains, and low fat dairy. Then check your kitchen inventory and comprise a list before going to the store. But be sure to avoid shopping hungry and stick to the list! Avoid buying sweets or sugary beverages to save money and be healthy.

Step 2: Purchase- Shop to get the most value for your money. Local, seasonal fruits and vegetables are at peak flavor and are sold at a lower price. So, shop seasonally. Also, buy in bulk, in-store brands, and compare unit prices to save additional dollars. Buy most foods from the perimeter of the store to fill your cart with fresh, whole foods.

Step 3:  Prepare- Make cost-cutting meals. Eating out tends to cost more and usually leads to eating larger portions, so cook more often at home. Save time and money by using leftovers for another meal, or cook large batches and freeze for later. Furthermore, use a slow cooker to stretch ingredients and tenderize less expensive but tougher cuts of meat.

Interested in learning more helpful tips on how to eat healthy and shop on a budget?
CVCC and CVMC are teaming up to equip you with the knowledge and skills to be successful at planning and eating healthy. You will have the opportunity to attend five dynamic classes lead by Renee Greene, a registered and licensed wellness dietitian. Learn how to shop and cook on a budget, make healthy choices when snacking and dining out, and how to achieve a healthy weight while preventing disease. You will receive helpful handouts, learn how to prepare healthy meals and snacks, as well as sample nutritious foods. Finally, get a grocery store tour where you’ll put your knowledge into practice! Sign up for one class or all five, whatever fits into your lifestyle.

Classes are held on Tuesdays from 10am to 12pm at Catawba Valley Community College starting October 17 through November 14. Sign up for a class online today or call the Continuing Education Office at 828.327.7000, ext. 4740. For more additional information contact Cheri Toney at 828.327.7000, ext. 4320 or E-MAIL

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