When Is a Hospitalist Needed?

Hospitalists are provided for patients:

  • Who do not have a primary care physician
  • Whose primary care physician does not have admitting privileges
  • Whose primary care physician is not able to physically attend to their stay


A growing trend in the medical field is the practice of hospitalists, physicians who specialize in caring for patients presenting with multiple medical issues. Catawba Valley Medical Center’s hospitalists are a team of internal medicine physicians who serve as patients’ attending physicians while they are hospitalized, but return them to the care of their family physicians following discharge.  These physicians complement the primary care services of Catawba Valley Medical Group family medicine physicians and our Catawba Valley Psychiatric Services practice.

At Catawba Valley Medical Center (CVMC), we are committed to making hospital stays as effective and comfortable as possible. That means providing options for inpatient care through our team of hospitalists – hospital-based internists whose primary focus is the general medical care of hospitalized patients.

Our hospitalists work within a multidisciplinary hospital-based team of doctors, nurses, social workers, pastoral and hospice care specialists, rehabilitation therapists and dietitians. Together, this team monitors patient progress, provides appropriate treatment, and charts a course for recovery and care. It also provides a vital communication and transition link with post-hospital treatment teams within the community.

Benefits of Our Hospitalist Team
Hospitalists provide several benefits to the patients assigned to their care, including the following:

  • Communication: From the moment a patient is admitted for care, our hospitalists are in contact with that patient’s primary care physician. This ensures that they receive important information about your health background and keep a patient’s regular doctor apprised of all patient care developments.
  • Availability: With at least one hospitalist on hand at all times, patients assigned to them receive access to a physician 24/7. Our hospitalists can respond quickly if a patient’s status changes, if treatment decisions are necessary, or if a patient or family members have questions.
  • Efficiency: Because our hospitalists work entire shifts at CVMC, they are more familiar with hospital procedures and staff. As a patient’s needs evolve, our team understands the best way to work within the hospital environment to ensure efficient care – which often leads to quicker recovery times and shorter hospital stays. They also allow primary care physicians to serve more patients outside the hospital by eliminating the need for them to make rounds.
  • Improved Satisfaction Rates: Studies have shown that patients have been more satisfied with their hospital stay when in the care of hospitalists – mainly due to the communication, availability, cost, and efficiency factors mentioned above.

The Continuum of Care
Hospitalists are a key part of CVMC’s commitment to a continuum of care for our community. For patients who do not have access to a regular physician, our hospitalists help ensure an uninterrupted flow of physician-monitored treatment throughout the duration of a patient’s hospital stay.

For more information about CVMC’s hospitalist team and inpatient care options, please call 828-326-3720.