Admissions & Discharge


Catawba Valley Medical Center treats all patients without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or physical handicap. To ease your admission, patients are asked to pre-register through the business services department. Admission requires a verifiable insurance identification card or policy. If you’re uninsured, have inadequate insurance, or any unsettled accounts with Catawba Valley Medical Center, you may be required to make a deposit.

Going Home/Checkout
After the doctor has dismissed you, he or she or one of the nurses will discuss your post-hospitalization care with you. As a precaution, you will be taken out of the hospital in a wheelchair by one of our staff members. There are no charges for the last day of your stay if you check out of the room before noon. A patient account representative will contact you to discuss the financial settlement of your account during your hospital stay or after discharge. We’re concerned about improving the quality of care we give you as a patient. To assist us, we ask that you fill out a Patient Satisfaction Survey. Please return your survey to your nurse or you may mail to the hospital at no cost to you.