Patient Guidelines

CVMC is a Tobacco-Free Campus
CVMC is committed to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for patients, visitors and staff as well as promoting health, wellness, prevention and treatment of disease within our community. We kindly request that you refrain from using any tobacco product while on our campus, in our medical practices and CVMC parking areas. This includes all forms of tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff, chewing tobacco and smokeless tobacco). Please contact CVMC’s Health First Center at 828-485-2300 if you are interested in smoking cessation classes.

Electrical Appliances
To ensure safety, all electrical appliances brought into the hospital must be approved by the nursing staff before being used.

Personal Items
We recommend that you bring only a few personal items, nightgowns, pajamas, bathrobes, slippers and toilet articles. Other personal items including jewelry and money should be left at home. When not in use, dentures, eyeglasses and contact lenses should be placed in protective containers. Catawba Valley Medical Center assumes no responsibility for lost or broken items.

The hospital is a smoke-free environment. We understand this may cause some anxiety. With an order from your physicians, aids such as a nicotine patch can be made available to you. Smoking cessation education is also available.

During your stay, the staff may conduct a practice fire drill for the safety of our patients and our employees. A hospital staff member will close the door to your room in effort to control smoke. Your visitors will be asked to stay in your room until the ‘all clear’ is announced. Should evacuation be needed, a staff member will assist you and your family/visitors in the proper route of evacuation.

Company Police Officers patrol the hospital building and grounds 24 hours a day. For emergency service you may dial 3911 from a hospital telephone or seek assistance from hospital staff.