Why Work for CVMC?

Why Work For Catawba Valley Medical Center?
Since its creation in 1967 (at that time as Catawba Memorial Hospital), our medical center and our staff have been known for our dedication and compassionate health care to the residents of the Catawba Valley. The important word in this statement is “care” and we hope that you, as a prospective employee for Catawba Valley Medical Center, do care about the people you may serve as well as fellow employees with whom you may serve.

Education, credentials, experience and personal recommendations are important parts of being qualified to become an employee of CVMC. We search and select the best and the brightest employees we can find. But the desire and capacity to “care” is needed, too.

Employees are evaluated annually on their work performance. And in addition to being reviewed on how they perform their jobs, employees are evaluated on other parts of their work that we feel is just as important. Managers and supervisor look for their employees’ compassion for other, their pride in the appearance of and their support of CVMC in community activities, their willing and cooperative attitudes, and their dedication to outstanding customer service.

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We welcome your application and sincerely look forward to your possible employment at Catawba Valley Medical Center. Thank you for choosing to apply to CVMC!