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HFC_calWe believe that the role of a medical center extends beyond medical care. It includes providing a wealth of healthcare-related resources, such as informational materials, that can help our community members improve their overall quality of life. One of these resources is our monthly Health First Center E-newsletter, which contains up-to-date articles about a variety of health concerns. Learn more at the following links:

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My Story


Neva Harrow’s Story: Finding Breast Cancer

For 20 years, Neva Harrow, 63 of Claremont, has been vigilant about getting a mammogram screening for breast cancer every

General Health

Teenage boy getting vaccination in his arm

When Should You Get A Flu Shot?

While the timing of flu season is unpredictable, seasonal flu activity can begin as early as October and last as

Senior Health


Catawba Valley Medical Center Celebrates 50 Years!

It started as a controversial idea in 1962. Building a hospital to serve the needs of the most vulnerable citizens,

Men's Health

Male Patient Being Reassured By Doctor In Hospital Room

Enlarged Prostate? How to Cope

Enlarged prostate, a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is the most common prostate problem for men ages 45

Youth Health

Family moving their son into dormitory on college campus

College Students Vulnerable to Meningitis Virus

Warning parents, your college students may consider moving back home for the rest of their freshman year after reading this.

Women's Health

Woman writing in notepad

Eating Healthy and Shopping on a Budget

With rising prices and falling budgets, it’s challenging to bring home ingredients for balanced meals. But eating right doesn’t have