Lifeline Personal Emergency Response System/Medication Dispenser
Relish and prolong the independence of living at home. Life is unpredictable and an unexpected fall or medical emergency threatens your future health and independence. Lifeline has tools to assist you in protecting your health and independence. Catawba Valley Medical Center has been offering Lifeline services since 1980 and is pleased to make the products available to you locally.

Product offerings:Lifeline auto alert
Original Button
With a simple push of the button, help is available 24/7. A Lifeline operator will alert a designated friend or family member that you need help or will dispatch an emergency crew if necessary. This is a waterproof button that works up to 800 feet from the speaker unit and may be worn around the neck or wrist.

Auto Alert
Lifeline with Auto Alert not only provides all the benefits of the original button, but also provides subscribers with an added layer of protection – fall detection. Lifeline with Auto Alert has the ability to automatically detect falls; and in the event that subscriber is unable to press the button, it can even make the call for you. Lifeline is the only medical alert system that offers Auto Alert option.Lifeline wireless unit

Now: No Land Line Needed
In the past, Lifeline required a landline for service. With Lifeline’s new home safe wireless system, seniors can benefit from Philips Lifeline even if they do not have a home land line.

Medication Dispensing System
The #1 reason for nursing home admissions is medication non adherence. Lifeline offers two solutions to assist seniors Lifeline medication dispwith simple to complex medication regimens. These services provide subscribers, caregivers, and family members with ongoing, real time prompts, reminders, and notifications to help improve adherence. Philips goal is help reestablish independence for both users and their families. Lifeline offers both a landline (Philips Medication Dispenser) and wireless (Medminder) system for the medication dispensing.

Local Service
Catawba Valley Medical Center is pleased to provide local service for you. Our friendly, professional service technician,lifeline sub picture Josh Blanton, comes to your home to install all equipment that we provide for you. Carol Robinson, Lifeline Coordinator, will take your calls and questions about installation, billing or service calls. We can usually install for you within 24 hours and are available for emergency service calls. Helping people live with confidence in their own home is a mission we hold close to our hearts and one that we take seriously. We are proud to support the active and independent lifestyle of older adults in our community. For more information on Lifeline products, please call Carol Robinson at 828.485.2696 or by email at

Personal Experience
My mother, who is 88 years old, was still living independently at home. She was still driving, cooking, and living safely alone. Then one night she fell and hit her head. Thank goodness she had Lifeline with Auto Alert. When the ambulance got there and I got there she asked, “How did you know I needed help?” Lifeline with Auto Alert got her the help she needed even thought she did not push her button. I would recommend this service to anyone.
– Nancy Y.

My mother used Lifeline to call us for help. She never felt alone and stayed independently in her home until she passed. Thank you for having this service to keep my Mother at home like she wanted to be.
– Ricky W.

For information on Lifeline, please call Carol Robinson at 828.485.2696 or contact her by e-mail at