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Millions of Americans struggle every day with their weight. But obesity presents a special concern and CVMC offers a resoundingly successful surgical weight loss program for those ready to lose weight for good. However, taking the serious leap to have surgery is a fantastic start, but in two to three years, if a physically active lifestyle has not been adopted, it isn’t uncommon for the weight to return. That’s where CVMC’s Fitness Plus SWAT team comes in as a critical tool in the weightloss arsenal.

SWAT, an acronym for Sweating Weight Away Together, is the name coined by members of a class taught by instructor Nancy Gregory. The SWAT class originated when Nancy was invited to one of the monthly surgical weightloss support group meetings to introduce yoga moves to help strengthen participants’ core muscles. After Nancy’s demonstration, quite a few members really enjoyed the ability to modify poses especially helpful as the dramatic weightloss shifts their body’s center of gravity.

Since its inception, the class has evolved and is open to anyone. Many surgical weightloss patients have friends who are excited to support their life-changing decision.

“When a patient elects such a drastic life-changing weight-loss method like surgery, their commitment to adopting a physically active lifestyle along with sustaining healthy eating habits becomes critical to keeping the weight off and their overall long-term success,” said Libby Shaver, CVMC Bariatric Surgery Navigator, MSN, RN, CBN.

The class is open to all weight-loss surgery patients no matter who your surgeon is or where you had your surgery. Whether pre-op, post-op, or no-op, everyone is welcome to attend the warm and welcoming fitness sessions where members have created a private Facebook group to keep encouragement alive and intimidation removed.

“I have seen some phenomenal success stories and I can say without hesitation that the successful weight-loss surgery patient has incorporated regular exercise into their daily lives,” said Libby. “The important thing for you to recognize is how to exercise in order to compliment your weight-loss efforts and in turn sustain your fitness regimen injury free!”

If you are not sure bariatric surgery is right for you, attend a free information seminar to learn more about the CVMC Surgical Weight Management Program, or contact Libby at 828.326.2082.

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