CVMC Invests in Safer & More Accurate Diagnostic Technology

1a_thoracalcarcinoma-frontal_large-00450310Doctors now have access to newer CT scanning technology at CVMC to help make accurate diagnoses even more quickly. A computed tomography scan, also called CT or CAT scan, is a medical imaging procedure that uses special X-ray equipment to obtain cross-sectional detailed images of organs, bones, and other tissues to help diagnose injuries, broken bones or early-stages of disease.

Rick Bare, CVMC Director of CT says, “We have upgraded the standard for CT imaging with a new system installed at the hospital for improved throughput and enhanced capabilities for interventional and CT angiography and another located at the Catawba Valley Imaging Center (CVIC) to serve our greater outpatient population.”

def-as_5_515x515-00449469The hospital purchased two scanner systems this year. One is a 128 slice system with an interventional package allowing for more intricate biopsy procedures along with improved vascular scanning techniques. The second scanner is a 40 slice system located at CVIC that offers faster scanning capability with lower radiation dose. The 4,400-pound machines generate high-resolution internal images that are particularly useful in examining patients with acute chest pain, abdominal pain, and suspicion of stroke. Physicians can now review results even with a patient on the table, allowing them to provide immediate feedback and quickly determine treatment options. The new equipment not only offers higher image quality, but the design also better accommodates patients who are obese, short of breath or those with elevated heart rates.

With safety always a top concern at CVMC, patients can also find comfort in knowing the new machines map internal anatomy in three dimensions with less exposure to potentially harmful radiation doses than previous models of CT scanners.


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