Jennifer Perry: Breastfeeding Classes

Perry“Through these classes, I was able to learn everything I needed to know.  They erased all my fears.  It also helped to have access to the CVMC’s resources and support, including the Birthing Center’s breastfeeding helpline.  I can’t tell you how helpful that has been!  I’ve used the helpline numerous times for little questions, things I didn’t want to bother my doctor with, and I’ve always received great advice.

“My husband, Eric, took the classes with me.  He wanted to learn all about it, too, so he could understand the process and support me through it.  He’s been a wonderful source of support; sometimes he even gets up with me in the middle of the night, just to help keep me company and keep me awake during feedings.  He’s a wonderful dad.

“I recently attended one of the first meetings for the Health First Center’s new breastfeeding support group.  I’m so excited about this group, because I think it will be another great resource for new moms.  I hope lots of women sign up, because I know it can help them, too!”

For more information about breastfeeding classes and resources through the Health First Center, call 828-485-2300.

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