Mark and Adrianne Chafin, Hickory


“Today we are a totally different couple! Together, we have lost a total of 288 pounds! The “light-bulb” moment for us came when we do what many parents take for granted and took our children to Carowinds. Unable to fit in the safety harnesses, we were embarrassed to find we simply couldn’t ride most of the fun rides with our kids! We also had to take frequent rest breaks just trying to keep up with our 2 active kids. As a couple, we realized then that something had to be done and started researching options. We chose gastric bypass performed by Dr. Johnathan Hata, of Hickory Surgical Clinic. This summer, to celebrate, we took our kids to SeaWorld and rode every ride we wanted! It hasn’t been easy. We both participate in the Weightloss Support Group hosted at Catawba Valley Medical Center to stay engaged in this journey and share with others who are committed to the dramatic changes in lifestyle such as focus on nutrition, portion control and exercise. Now it has been one year since my procedure and 9 months since Mark’s and we both have more confidence and enjoy energy levels that allow us to keep up with our kids.”

Mark and Adrianne Chafin

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