Industrial Rehabilitation

Industrial Rehabilitation
The Industrial Rehabilitation/Work Hardening Program at Catawba Valley Medical Center addresses industrial needs from prevention and rehabilitation to return to work. Our interdisciplinary approach addresses every work-injury problem with an experienced team that includes a licensed physical therapist, licensed occupational therapist, licensed physical therapy assistant, nutritionist, and counselor.

The Center is equipped with the latest materials and tools for administering initial injury management, Functional Capacity Evaluation, work hardening, job-site analysis and modification, work injury prevention education, and pre-employment placement screening.  For consultations or further information, call the Center at 828.326.2131.


Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
FCEs provide a comprehensive, objective measurement of physical limitations and functional abilities as well as assess return-to-work capabilities. After a client’s capabilities and limitations have been defined in an FCE, the therapist communicates findings with the medical provider to facilitate transition to the appropriate destination – whether a return to the workplace, continued medical intervention, or participation in work hardening.

Work Hardening
Work Hardening enables clients to increase functional capabilities and expedites a safe return to the workplace. After a client’s cababilities and limitations have been defined, and individualized program is designed to improve upon current functional capabilities.  Back School is an integral part of the program that serves to educate clients on general anatomy of the spine and the use of proper body mechanic techniques.  Participants meet weekly with a dietitian, a psychologist for stress management, and to attend Work Hardening education programs.

Job Site/Task Analysis and Modification
Our team of professionals visits the client’s work site and consults with employers to satisfy the needs of both the client and the employer. Potential injury-producing jobs or conditions are identified, and recommendations are made for modifications to reduce the incidence of job-related injuries and cumulative trauma disorders. Job task analysis can also help physicians, vocational consultants, and other professionals determine a job candidate’s suitability for employment.

Pre-Employment and Placement Screening
Pre-employment and placement screenings are designed for the employer to accurately assess the applicant’s physical capabilities to perform the essential functions of the job in accordance with ADA and EEOC guidelines.

Referrals and Reimbursement
The Industrial Rehabilitation Program accepts referrals from physicians, rehabilitation consultants, industrial and vocational counselors, and attorneys. Referring professionals are provided with FCE results and other pertinent information. The cost of outpatient treatment is covered by most comprehensive insurance and worker’s compensation.

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