Family Centered Birth Choices

Our new facility was designed to facilitate all your family center birth choices.

Movement During Labor – For a majority of women, walking and changing positions through the labor process is beneficial for emotional as well as physical comfort.

Water Therapy – Deep soaking tubs and warm showers to enhance relaxation and comfort.

Wireless Waterproof Monitoring – Wireless monitoring maximizes mobility and leaves you unattached to a machine, giving you free access to walk around, full use of the birthing suite and the deep soaking tub, all while your nurse watches out for your baby.

Massage – Massage decreases tension, encourages relaxation and enhances the release of endorphins, which create a greater sense of calm and well-being during labor.

Soothing Music
– To enhance the mood and your relaxation, music can be played on the DVD player available in your room. We encourage you to bring your favorite CDs from home.

Amusement – Sometimes a little distraction is needed during labor. A DVD player is available for you and your family to enjoy educational or entertaining videos.

Labor Ball – A large gym ball, used prenatally as well as during labor to ease back pain, promotes comfort and facilitates the progress of labor.  It is available in different sizes.

Birthing Stool
– A comfortable way for women to use a squatting position to facilitate labor and delivery.

Doula – Many women or couples find reassurance and greater confidence during childbirth with the assistance of a doula (pronounced doo-la). A doula is a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous emotional and physical support during labor.

Analgesia and Anesthesia – If needed or desired, intravenous or epidural medications can be administered 24 hours a day by trained personnel. CVMC’s Birthing Center has anesthesiologists and a nurse anesthetist on staff at all times to meet your needs.

Medical Services