Executive Physical Program

The Executive Physical Program is an individualized physical exam for corporate executives that combines testing, a physical examination and wellness recommendations.

Catawba Valley Medical Center provides transportation to and from the appointment to make the experience as stress-free as possible.  When an executive arrives, he/she is immediately taken in to consult with the board certified physician assigned to their case. Tests that have been selected based on the patient’s health status are performed by an interdisciplinary team of medial professionals, who consult with the lead physician throughout the exam.

Tests are scheduled back-to-back, and results are ready at the conclusion of the exam – making the time spent at CVMC as smooth and efficient as possible. Once the results are in, the physician provides wellness recommendations or shares results with the patient’s regular physician to ensure appropriate continuing care.  Most companies are able to cover costs for an executive’s annual physical exam through existing employee health care programs.

To schedule an appointment, interested companies or individuals may contact Guy Guarino, Vice President, Strategic Management and Development at Catawba Valley Medical Center, 828.326.3817.

The program includes the following elements:

  • Extensive health history and assessment
  • Individualized diagnostic testing (laboratory, EKG, radiology, fitness, etc.) based on participant’s unique health profile
  • Comprehensive physical examination to detect risk factors and/or early manifestation of illnesses
  • Consultation with a board certified Executive Physical Program internist
  • Customized, personal health plan recommendations by an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals

While programs are customized to fit each participant, procedures may include the following:

  • Medical examination and counseling
  • Personal health profile
  • Cardiovascular screenings – resting EKG and treadmill stress test
  • Comprehensive laboratory analysis – chem. 16 (to evaluate liver and kidney function, blood sugar and electrolytes), lipid panel (cholesterol), CBC (complete blood count), urinalysis, occult blood test, ferritin (iron measurement), fibrinogen (blood clotting), ESR (inflammation), THS (thyroid function), PSA (prostate specific antigen) and Hs CRP (High sensitive C reactive protein to determine cardiovascular risk)
  • Radiology procedures – chest x-ray, mammogram, osteoporosis/bone density screening
  • Virtual colonoscopy
  • Optional services – 3 day food record, nutrition consultation
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