Myra Hefner: Aerobics at the Health First Center

“Since I have diabetes, I need that regular exercise.  The aerobics class provides that for me.  On days when I don’t do aerobics, I walk in the mall (through the Health First Center’s MallWalkers program, offered in conjunction with Valley Hills Mall) or at home.  I also have a video and an exercise bike at home, but it’s more enjoyable to do the classes at the Health First Center.  You enjoy it more, and you do it better.  When you have someone else there with you, you try harder and do it better.

“When my husband had Alzheimer’s, he would come to the aerobics classes with me and sit in the waiting area.  Everyone at the Health First Center was so kind to him.  They all made it easier for me to keep coming.

“I feel bad when I happen to miss a day, which is very seldom.  If I don’t get enough exercise, it definitely affects my health.

“I have told a lot of people about what a great class this is and many have joined.  All the programs at the Health First Center are great.  I attend a lot of them, and they are of great help to me.”

For more information about aerobics classes, please call the Health First Center at 828/485-2300.

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