My Story – Emma Goodnight Outsmarted Diabetes

emma“I was absolutely shocked to learn that I have diabetes,” said Emma Goodnight of Mountain View.

It was late Summer 2014 and she had just switched primary care providers. So, after her first appointment with Dr. Jason Kihneman at Catawba Valley Medical Group – West Mountain View, she found herself feeling overwhelmed and crying as she drove to the pharmacy to fill her new prescription for metformin, an anti-diabetic medication that helps lower elevated blood glucose levels and manage diabetes before it leads to more serious disabling or even life threatening complications including cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and nerve damage among other .

Because CVMC takes a team approach to diabetes care and management, Dr. Kihneman’s office scheduled an appointment for Emma with a CVMC Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). Although she cried through her first appointment, Emma learned about several ways that she could control diabetes and not let it control her. With a team that included a nurse, a dietitian, a pharmacist and a counselor, all of whom have received the most up-to-date training in the most current methods of treating diabetes, Emma proclaimed war on the disease with the ultimate goal of reversing the condition.

It was at a series of diabetes education classes hosted at the hospital that Emma learned ways to improve her diet and started counting carbs. She also met CVMC Fitness Plus Member Relations Specialist, April Berg. Because Emma had previously had both knees replaced, April suggested a regimen of aqua aerobics combined with interval training. But Emma was extremely hesitant.

“I did NOT want to put on a bathing suit and be seen anywhere near a swimming pool,” said Emma. “But April assured me that the environment at Fitness Plus‘ therapeutic pool is not one where I would be intimidated by any Barbie or Ken types. So I talked with swim instructor Maryia Johnson and conveyed her sense of urgency to produce dramatic results quickly.”

So she took the plunge and found willpower within that she didn’t even know she had. Now, a year later, she has dropped 4 dress sizes and lost 65 pounds – and she is still working towards getting off of metformin altogether and remains committed to a new healthy lifestyle. She credits the motivating and compassionate staff at CVMC for the progress she has made so far.

To help patients and their family members better understand how to manage diabetes, CVMC hosts regular adult diabetes education groups. Please contact the CVMC Health First Center at Valley Hills Mall. Call 828.326.3442 for more information.

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